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Africa's Third Liberation

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June 2014
About the book: 
Africa has experienced two liberations: the first from colonial and racist regimes and the second from the autocrats who often followed foreign rule. At the end of the 1970s, just three African countries regularly held multiparty elections; more than 40 do today.
Africa’s political evolution points to a third liberation: from political economies characterised by graft, crony capitalism, and social inequality. This liberation will open up the economic space in which business can compete, a necessary condition for expanding employment. 
This book asks how Africa’s political leaders and interest groups can promote economic growth. Using examples from Central and South America, South-East and South Asia, and the Middle East, the authors examine what means are best to match political liberalisation with growth. They suggest a way forward for higher-growth and job absorption strategies in Africa in the context of liberalised political systems.
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