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September 2012
About the book: 
In a remote corner of South Africa, untouched by 'transformation', is the small town of Vlenterhoek. It is in this backwater that the lives of three returning residents intersect. After a forty-year absence Leah, now a widow, arrives from Canada to visit her sisters; Opposition MP Rebecca returns to see if she can forgive her father; and Frikkie, once a star rugby player, turns up with a money-making scheme. In the process of dealing with their own personal crises, they discover the truth about themselves.
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About the Author

Farida Karodia was born and raised in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. She has taught in South Africa and Zambia and spent twenty-six years in Canada where she wrote radio dramas for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She is the the author of Other SecretsBoundaries and A Shattering of SIlence. 

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