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Catch it, Cook it in Southern Africa: A Guide to Preparing Your Catch

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November 2012
About the book: 
This book bridges the gap between catching your fish and bringing it to the table. It tackles the slippery problem of how to care for your catch from the moment you haul it in, how to keep it fresh, how to scale, clean and cut it up, and then how to cook it.
The 30-plus species are arranged in three rough categories: near-shore species, offshore species, and species caught from the shore. 

For each fish there’s detailed information on how to handle it – with step-by-step photographs for key species – as well as a selection of recipes developed, collected, tried and tested by the author. Anecdotes, snapshots and memorabilia add a personal touch to the book. 

Written by seasoned fisherman and well-known author Hennie Crous, Catch it, Cook it in Southern Africa will be snapped up by anyone with an interest in the delectable world of fish and fishing.
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About the Author

Hennie Crous got hooked on fishing at an early age, later earning provincial and national deep-sea angling colours. Qualified in oceanography and fishing-gear technology, Hennie has spent a lifetime on, in or by the sea. He is also the author of Saltwater Fishing in South Africa and Top Angling Fishes of Southern Africa.

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