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Game of Thrones: The House Targaryen Dragon

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August 2017
About the book: 

This book contains everything you need to make your own 3D mask for one of the most famous creatures or sigils from the Game of Thrones TV series. Other titles available in the series: Game of Thrones: The House Lannister Lion ,  Game of Thrones: The House Stark Direwolf ,  and Game of Thrones: The White Walker .

The masks have been designed to replicate the features of these creatures of this hugely popular show and, once assembled, they fully cover the face and head. These impressive masks can be worn, used as an addition for a costume party, or simply hung on the wall with a dedicated paper-engineered trophy hanger that is part of the package. Each book contains details of the House, including motto, sigil and/or other key information. Full instructions are included on how to assemble the relevant mask.

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