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Homeschooling High School

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August 2014
About the book: 
Prospective homeschoolers are parents looking for an alternative to the mainstream educati onal system for their off spring. But homeschooling children at high school level strikes fear into even the most dedicated of homeschoolers. They need informati on and answers to their questi ons. And with the current educational and unemployment problems in South Africa, young people need clear direction and guidance to help them achieve their goals.
In additi on to exploring the popular ways to gaining a recognised matric cert ficate outside the formal school system, Homeschooling High School also challenges readers to rethink their values, particularly the value they place on certification, and to consider some unconventi onal or alternative paths to success.
In a clearly presented format, the book includes advice on legal matters, identi fying appropriate courses, sourcing study material, tips on entrepreneurship, financing tertiary studies and the testimonies of successful homeshooled graduates. 
Homeschooling High School is a comprehensive guide to plotting a path through high school and beyond.
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About the Author
Shirley Erwee is a parent of six children and has been home-schooling since 1997. She is the co-author of three literature-based home education programmes for South Africans and the author of a literacy and numeracy programme for pre-schoolers. 

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