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October 2012
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"SuperNature" is a dazzling visual tour of nature that tells you all about the 100 greatest superstars of the animal kingdom, from the tiny flea to the enormous humpback whale. With amazing and detailed 3D digital pictures, spectacular photography and stripped away images to take you behind the scenes and "under the skin"; take a virtual safari amongst the most amazing creatures on our planet. Ever wondered how a cheetah can accelerate from 0 to 40mph in three seconds? Or how termites build cooling systems into their homes? "SuperNature" will tell you, with each feature profiling these animal superstars, giving you the stats, the cross-sections and the images that will show you how and tell you why. Take a trip through the animal kingdom, from the smallest barnacle to the tall and resilient Emperor penguin, and go on a truly amazing journey with "SuperNature".

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