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February 2015
About the book: 
Sweet – a word that in the culinary realm conjures up notions of decadence, irresistible deliciousness, indulgence and yes, basically palate bliss. Those treats we crave when we’re happy, sad or in need of a pick-me-up, and which make the world feel like a wonderful place. 

These are what Sam Linsell presents in Sweet – and so much more! The dizzy array of sweet temptations will make your head spin and take you back to that state of excited contemplation that you last experienced as a child before a birthday party. Cakes, tarts, butters, confectionery sweets, muffi ns, biscuits, bars, pastries, sauces, puddings, beverages, ice creams, preserves, sorbets, mousses, scones – they’re all there. But unlike the sweet treats of childhood, Sam offers a very adult twist to many a traditional offering, such as Vanilla and Baileys® French toast bake, and Chocolate waffles with bourbon butterscotch sauce. 

And if you really need to salve your conscience, all the recipes in one of the chapter include fruit. 

As if the recipes titles aren’t sufficient to set the tastebuds alight, special mention should be made of the photography. Sam is a food stylist par excellence and the photographs (she took them herself) are sure to kick that last vestige of resistance into the wild yonder.
The only sensible thing to do is to yield to temptation and move into the kitchen.

Praise for Sweet:
Sweet is all about indulging in the good stuff – from vanilla to caramel and chocolate, the recipes offer scrumptious sweet treats for any occasion.’ – Food & Home Entertaining

‘You’ll want to dive straight into its tempting pages.’ – Destiny

‘Whatever your indulgence, your sweet tooth will be satisfied.’ – Good Housekeeping

‘A special cookbook filled with delectable sweet treats.’ – The Star

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About the Author
Sam Linsell is a Cape town-based food stylist with a lifelong passion for food. After Hotel School formal culinary training, she worked in the hospitality industry for a number of years before studying marketing and working as a brand manager on numerous food brands. Eventually she quit the corporate world to move back to Cape Town and build her dream life around food creativity. In the last five years she has worked as a freelance food stylist, run her own cupcake and cold smoked food businesses, and started her Drizzle & Dip food blog ( The latter is ranked among the top food blogs in South Africa.

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