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Future-proof Your Child: Parenting the Wired Generation

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October 2008
About the book: 

'Stop the world, I want to get off!' is the regular refrain of many of today's time-pressured parents. 'Give me an experience and I'll promise you a relationship,' is the mantra of their children. The world has changed. The future has changed. Childhood is changing.

Raising children has never been more challenging - or potentially rewarding. It is increasingly obvious that the world into which our young children will enter as adults, somewhere between 2020 and 2030, will be nothing like the world their parents grew up in, or even the world we currently inhabit. We need a better understanding of the world of the future in order to prepare our children and to 'future-proof' them. Future-proof your Child  is a very different kind of parenting book. While it contains many useful practical hints and tips, it also focuses on the context for parenting and child development today. It convinces 21st-century parents of the need to change their approach to parenting future generations.

This title will help you to create a framework for your parenting experience as you embark on the highly personal adventure of raising children who will thrive in the future. It is relevant, accessible, practical and inspirational. It will take you back in time and forward into the future to help you make the best choices for your children now! Future-proof your Child  highlights the critical importance of making choices, having conversations, and consciously connecting with tomorrow's children today.

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