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How Much is Enough?

Trade Paperback
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January 1980
About the book: 
Wealth is about more than just money. But how can we come to grips with our financial situation at a time when no one seems to have enough? The authors of this book believe that the answer lies beyond the balance sheet, in the mind, heart and spirit of the individual investor.
How Much Is Enough?  provides a framework for the reader to find the right balance between their time, money and happiness in order to achieve financial security and personal well-being.
Through a holistic approach to wealth management, based on the premise that money is only one element in the overall chemistry of a happy life, readers will learn how to:
  • overcome the challenges that the brain’s hard-wiring and the environment place on personal health and well-being;
  • plan and invest to achieve personal goals and aspirations;
  • become happier and avoid wealth-destroying behaviour to improve investment results; and
  • help their kids achieve financial security and assume financial responsibility.
Combining the latest economic theory and behavioural research with compelling stories of those who have found peace beyond their bank accounts, including Warren Buffett, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Raymond Ackerman, Bill Gates and Patrice Motsepe, How Much Is Enough?  is the perfect antidote to our acquisitive, materialistic times and a must-read for anyone who wants both financial wealth and personal well-being. Find happiness, and wealth will follow.

Praise for How Much Is Enough:
‘As you read this well-rounded book on securing one’s financial well-being, you will, as I did, learn much, and remind yourself of matters that have faded into the background. You might also, as I did, have an overwhelming desire to share the book with people you care about.’ – Fin 24  

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