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The Illustrated South African First Aid Manual

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September 2015
About the book: 
The Illustrated South African First Aid Manual is a vastly expanded and updated new edition of First Aid for the South African Home, Offi ce and Outdoors. It provides concise yet comprehensive instructions on how to deal with all common fi rst-aid emergencies. There is even a section on basic first aid for domestic pets.
The text is accompanied by step-by-step illustrations, which provide ‘at-a-glance’ reminders for the fi rst aider of the latest procedures to follow.
Also included are guidelines on what a fi rst-aid kit should contain at home, as well as at the offi ce or factory, and outdoors. Health hazards faced by fi rst-aid workers are covered, as well as their legal responsibilities.

Praise for The Illustrated South African First Aid Manual:

What is so nice about the book is that it doesn’t overwhelm you with information – in most cases the advice is broken down into three or four steps, each accompanied by an illustration. It provides concise  and yet comprehensive instructions on how to deal with all the common first-aid emergencies.’ – YOU Magazine

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About the Author

Linda Buys is a qualified nursing sister and occupational nurse who specialises in the fi eld of industrial nursing. She is a qualifed level 5 paramedic, and has ambulance experience in the handling of casualties. She has run first-aid classes, with a particular focus on workplace settings.

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