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Journey from Darkness

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November 2012
About the book: 

Journey from Darkness is bestselling author Gareth Crocker’s story of an African adventure set on the border between South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Escaping an England crippled by the Great War, twin brothers Edward and Derek Hughes head to South Africa where, soon after their arrival, they discover a rare Desert Elephant – an animal believed by many to be a myth. Following an ancient ghost trail to Bechuanaland they find that the enormous matriarch is not alone. She is being pursued by relentless shadows, a black light that will stop at nothing to bring her down. To save her, the brothers must journey into the darkness. A darkness, as it turns out, born of the terrible war they left behind.

Gareth Crocker's debut novel, Finding Jack (2011), was published to international acclaim. It was translated into several languages and featured in no fewer than eight volumes of the Reader’s Digest Select Editions. Journey from Darkness is Gareth Crocker’s second novel, which he co-wrote with his father, Llewellyn.

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About the Author

Gareth Crocker’s debut novel, Finding Jack, was published in New York to international acclaim. It was translated into several languages and featured in eight volumes of Reader’s Digest Select Editions. In 2012 Penguin Books published his adventure novel, Journey from Darkness, followed by the thriller Never Let Go in 2013, and then King, his fourth novel.

Gareth lives in Johannesburg with his wife and two daughters.