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Match of the Day World Cup Quiz Book

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June 2010
About the book: 
Which country has won the most World Cups? A) Brazil B) Argentina C) Italy Which country scored the most goals in the 2006 World Cup? A) France B) Germany C) Brazil Only 7 countries have won the World Cup in its 80 year history. Can you name them? Match of the Day's World Cup Quiz Book is just the thing to get the young football fan in your life ready for the biggest football competition in the world! Packed with quizzes, puzzles, wordsearches, crosswords, spot the ball games and picture teasers, the Match of the Day World Cup Quiz Book is essential reading in the lead up to the World Cup 2010. (and the answers are: A) Brazil, winner of 5 World Cups; B) Germany scored 14 goals during the 2006 World Cup; and the 7 countries that have won the World Cup are: Brazil, 5 titles; Italy, 4 titles; Germany, 3 titles; Argentina, 2 titles; Uruguay, 2 titles; France, 1 title; England, 1 title)
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