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Pompidou Posse

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September 2012
About the book: 
So ...we're back in another crappy hotel room that stinks of other people's BO and old fags, and Vicks is off buying food for us with the money we had left over from the pervert's stash.' It's the late 80s and British teenagers Vicki and Sage go on the run in Paris after burning down their art school pottery shed. Penniless, homeless, and worst of all, out of cigarettes, it isn't long before they find themselves living on the streets. Survival means not only learning to navigate the perils of soup kitchens, begging, hallucinogens and sleeping rough, but also dealing with charistmatic gypsy fire-eaters, violent German hoboes, teargas-happy gendarmes and sexual predators, including Taffy, a psychotic one-legged Welshman. While Sage battles with her own damaging secrets in the angry scrawls of her diary, naive Vicki finds herself drawn to the damaged and often dangerous people living outside society. Can the girls emerge from this experience with their friendship and sanity intact? Both harrowing and darkly humorous, Pompidou Posse, is a unique glimpse into the dark side of Europe's most glamorous city.
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