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September 2011
About the book: 

'No cook means to serve bland or indifferent food'; this statement sums up the principle behind Relish, a cookbook that aims to bring flavour into daily cooking. Creative and inspired photography brings the dishes to life, making the ordinary extraordinary. 

Over 280 recipes cover flavoured salts, sugars and rubs, spice blends and pastes, marinades, dips, stocks, sauces, dressings, pestos, vinegars, oils, pickles, preserves, condiments and relishes. Apart from being tasty, and fun to make, home-made preparations are free from additives and preservatives, can be tailored to suit individual tastes and are often less expensive than the bought equivalent. 

Recipes include suggestions for how to use and store the finished preparations and, in many cases, variations are included. A selection of complete recipes for finished dishes is scattered throughout the chapters.


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