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Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Power!

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July 2015
About the book: 

DK's guided reading series is designed to help kids learn how to read and learn to love reading. Star Wars Rebels Rebel Power!  is a 'Beginning to Read' reader, a perfect short story for kids who are beginning to read for meaning, decoding, recognising words and to enjoy reading.

Discover all there is to know about the heroes from the planet Lothal, including Ezra, Hera and Chopper! Read all about the Rebels latest adventures as they grow in strength, upping their fight against the Empire.

Part of the DK Reads series, with three reading levels that help children become confident readers.

DK Reads is created in consultation with literacy experts and adheres to leveled reading scheme guidelines so the grammar, vocabulary, and content are spot on for each stage. This short story for kids features brand new Star Wars Rebels characters and some familiar faces and is packed with illustrated adventures and escapades!

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