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Taste of Israel

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July 2015
About the book: 
In author Nida Degutiene’s own words: ‘When you live in Israel it’s plain to see that food holds a special place in Jewish life. From early morning until dawn the next day, Israelis are always noshing on something and enjoying one another’s company, and on any given holiday the festive table groans under the weight of a multitude of dishes and goodies.

This book is an open door into the kitchens of the ordinary Israeli home, an invitation to explore the country’s diverse street food and a glimpse behind the scenes at some of its gourmet restaurants. You’ll fi nd recipes for dishes that do much more than just satisfy hunger. They are memories and stories shared with me over the course of five years by Litvaks from Israel and South Africa, by my Israeli friends, by their mothers and their grandmothers. They refl ect the traditions, history and customs passed down from generation to generation. 
They are an attempt at returning a piece of Jewish heritage to the small but vibrant Jewish community in Lithuania.’
Available for the first time in English, A Taste of Israel describes the food through the eyes of a foreigner and non-Jew, who was lucky enough to become part of that Jewish community. Chapters are divided into the usual arrangement of appetisers, starters, mains and desserts, but there are also sections on the different religious festivals, as well as detailed information of what constitutes ‘kosher’. 

All the well-known classics are there, such as Gefilte fish, Knaidlach, Latkes and Challah, and more, in the 100 plus recipes, whether traditional or modern.
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About the Author
Nida Degutiene is an experienced businesswoman, devoted food blogger, writer and freelance journalist. Hailing from Lithuania, she arrived in Israel in 2009 as the wife of the Lithuanian Ambassador to Israel and South Africa and immediately fell in love with Jewish food, culture and traditions. Once she discovered that many nostalgic dishes from her childhood are actually Jewish culinary heritage, blended over centuries into Lithuanian cuisine, she begain to share this knowledge and her experience of living in Israel on her blog ( 
Over the past five years Nida has written over 300 articles covering lifestyle, travel, culinary arts, culture and business for Israeli and Lithuanian newspapers and magazines, and has her own column in Lithuania’s leading monthly lifestyle magazine. In 2014 Nida published her fi rst cookbook, A Taste of Israel in Lithuanian and it reached the Top-10 seller list in Lithuania.

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