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Time Twisters: Cape of Slaves

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September 2012
About the book: 
There's a column of green particles twisting down in the dark. For a moment I forget my desperate situation and that my family life sucks. A thin stream of green dust hovers in the air and then, as if I'm attracting it in some way, it changes direction and moves towards me. As it touches my bare arms, it glows brighter for a second and then sinks into my skin. I jump off the window sill and go to the mirror. I look just the same - a twelve-year-old girl, with pale skin, a dark ponytail and a skew nose. I frown, seeing my forehead crunch up. Am I the same old Sarah? But Sarah isn't the same, and when she is transported back to the time of witch-hunts through a library book picture, she is lucky to come back alive. Knowing she needs to meet other time twisters like herself, she finds cool dude, Toby, and science geek, Bones. Together they decide to risk their lives to rescue a missing girl, last seen in front of a painting at the Cape of Slaves Exhibition. It is an adventure that will leave them all changed forever. Will they find her in the past? Will they be sold as slaves? And will the portal in the painting stay open long enough for them to get back to the present?
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