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New Year's Resolutions anyone?

This entry was posted on 04 January 2012.
Lose the weight and keep it off with Dr Luc's Promise

Some call it weight loss. Others call it dieting. Some prefer the more holistic sounding "eating more healthily". Call it what you like but we bet that something food-related is probably at the top of your New Year's resolution list for 2012...are we right?

In the first week of January the gyms are always packed with guilt-ridden bodies, furiously trying to work off those mince pies, glasses of champagne and mountains of roast potatoes. But come February or March and the tog bags are already getting dusty, we're reaching for a biscuit before dinner and sticking (another) pre-prepared meal in the microwave. And any weight we lost is rapidly regained (95% of people put any weight lost through dieting straight back on within 4 years). Sigh. What to do?

Dr Luc promises to change all of that, for good. In Dr Luc's Promise, he shows us that it's actually damaging to fuss about food and better to relax about it. Right, "easier said than done" I can hear you say. He explains that fundamentally, it's about changing our behaviour, rather than simply the food we eat.

We also learn why it's actually not the butter in a butter croissant that's the worst part for you, why diet drinks can make you gain weight and why spending more time sleeping can actually help you lose weight (sounds good to us).

We're keen to sign up some willing guinea pigs and are giving away three copies of Dr Luc's Promise to our readers. Simply tell us why you need this book by writing an email to with "Dr Luc" in the subject line.

We'll randomly select three winners and will contact you via email if you have won. All we ask is that you let us know what you thought and if the book has helped you in any way. This giveaway closes at midnight on Wednesday 18 January 2012 and is only open to South African residents.