South African Trade Publisher of the Year 2016 & 2017

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eGuide to Mammals of Southern Africa

Chris and Mathilde Stuart's eGuide to Mammals of Southern Africa will enrich your wildlife experience in Southern Africa.


  • Each of the over 350 species found in the region has a detailed text description.
  • Easily swipe between species.
  • Most species have multiple hi-res photographs, distribution maps, animal-human size comparison, spoor drawings and skull photographs.
  • Audible calls for certain species.
  • Videos for select species.
  • Quickly find a species by looking up its track type, grouped with similar tracks.
  • A compare feature that lets you view two species at the same time on the same screen.
  • The ability to easily find a species using either common or scientific names and in taxonomic or alphabetic order.
  • A personal record of mammal sightings that can be exported using email.