South African Trade Publisher of the Year 2017

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Frans Rautenbach


Frans Rautenbach is an advocate and labour lawyer at the Cape Town Bar. Between 2001 and 2006 he consulted to the governments of Uganda and Tanzania on labour-law reform, licensing and business laws, and economic cost-benefit analysis as a legislative policy tool.

In 2012 he appeared as part of the legal team of the Free Market Foundation in a constitutional challenge of section 32 of the Labour Relations Act, with strong emphasis on economic and policy implications. His interest in the impact of labour law on unemployment and industrial unrest resulted in two books on labour deregulation: Set the Workers Free  and Liberating South African Labour from the Law .  His other publications include Labour Litigation,  In all Labour Profit  and Your Kruger Park Guide,  which gives advice on his favourite pastime – holidaying in the park with his family.

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In this insightful and provocative book, Frans Rautenbach proposes a complete overhaul of...