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Gardener's Guide to Indigenous Garden Plants of Southern Africa

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March 2017
About the book: 
This handy pocket guide introduces local gardening enthusiasts to some of southern Africa’s most beautiful, beneficial and easy- to-care-for indigenous plants, giving guidance on how best to use them and how to ensure that they flourish. 
Gardener's Guide to Indigenous Garden Plants of Southern Africa  offers:
  • A selection of 145 garden-friendly, low-maintenance trees, shrubs and bedding plants perfectly adapted to our local soils and weather conditions 
  • Text that’s direct and simple
  • Full-colour photographs that show plant details and ‘in context’ planting 
  • Icons indicating at a glance whether a species is evergreen or deciduous, frost-hardy, suitable for a sunny or shaded position, fast or slow-growing, water wise, fragrant and attractive to insects or birds.
An essential handbook for easy-care beautiful gardening.
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About the Author
Glenice Ebedes, author of Gardener's guide to Indigenous Garden Plants of southern Africa  is the owner of Grounded Landscaping. She is a graduate of Lifestyle College and an active member of the Guild of Landscape Designers.
Glenice specialises in indigenous, wildlife-friendly gardens and her gardens regularly feature in magazines.



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