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Mister Snail

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February 2017
About the book: 
Mister Snail is a kindly soul who finds a wonderful new home in a pretty garden. Soon he makes friends with all his new neighbours – a finch, a pair of field mice and a pretty butterfly – and he is as happy as happy can be.
After a while, however, things start to go wrong and Mister Snail’s neighbours complain about the mess he leaves behind with his slimy trails. Poor Mister Snail is devastated when they make it clear that they’d like him to leave his garden home if he doesn’t change his ways. He is also very sad because they refuse to accept him the way he is. But before he leaves, he asks them for one more chance to change their minds. And that’s when something magical happens.
Imaginatively illustrated in colour, Mister Snail  is a simple tale for young readers or listeners that demonstrates how friendships can be ruined through misunderstanding of differences, yet it reveals how a change of perspective and acceptance of others can heal relationships.
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About the Author
Christy Peacock grew up with her nose permanently in one book or another, and as she grew up, she began to dabble with writing her own stories. Mister Snail  is the result of that dabbling. She studied fine art and graphic design, and currently works as a graphic designer while studying psychology and anthropology.
Based in Pietermaritzburg, Christy has also lived in Latvia and Sweden and loves to travel. In her spare time she reads and drinks plenty of tea.
Mister Snail  is her first published book.

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