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Struik Nature Call App: Scan book, play calls

Scan barcodes in Struik Nature birding books to play bird calls.


If you’ve purchased Struik Nature’s new Sasol Birds of Southern Africa and Southern African LBJs made simple books, then you absolutely MUST download this companion app to take full advantage of the exciting extra content we’ve put together for you. 
Download the app for free, and simply scan the barcodes in the book to listen to the bird calls.


  • Launch the app on your device and hover your camera over the barcode in the book.
  • The barcode will scan and bring up the calls associated with that species.
  • Press play to listen!
TIP: Use a bookmark or sheet of paper to cover surrounding barcodes, so that you can scan the exact one that you want.


Struik Nature would like to acknowledge Bernabe Lopez Lanus, Dawie de Swardt, Derek Solomon, Dominic Rollinson, Fabrice Lebouard, Frank Lambert, Horst Bacher, Lynette Rudman, Mike Nelson, Niall Perrins, Oscar Campbell, Otto Whitehead, PDA Solutions, Peter Boesman, Peter Ryan, Santiago Imberti, Simply Birding, Stein Ø. Nilsen and Tony Archer for supplying calls for this app.