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Rights & Permissions

Rights Requests

For rights enquiries please contact the publishers from the relevant department below

Fiction - Fourie Botha
Non-Fiction - Marlene Fryer
Lifestyle -
Beverley Dodd 
Children’s books Beverley Dodd 
Nature - Pippa Parker 
Travel and Heritage - Pippa Parker

Permission Requests

For all permissions enquiries contact Colette Stott. Please read these guidelines before submitting your request.  

- Please check the copyright page (usually at the front of the book) to determine the originating publisher of the book. We can only clear permission for titles originally published by Penguin Random House South Africa. If the book is first published by another Penguin Random House company, you need to contact their office (see for all Group websites). If the book is published by one of the publishers distributed by Penguin Random House South Africa, you should contact that publisher directly. Please see our Imprints & Agencies page for a list of publishers we represent.

- You should only request permission for direct quotations from published works and no deletions, additions, or other changes should be made to the material without written consent.

- If the requested material is part of an anthology or a collection, please check the acknowledgement page(s) for details on the copyright holder of the material you wish to reproduce. If the copyright is not held by Penguin Random House South Africa, apply for permission to the acknowledged third party directly.

- If it is a photograph or illustration you wish to use from our publication, please check the acknowledgements page; if an original copyright holder is acknowledged you should seek permission directly from them, as we rarely hold copyright in the photographs and illustrations that appear in our titles.

- We will process your request within 3-4 weeks and provide a licence for usage. In certain cases we have to consult authors, literary agents or estates, and this might prolong the time of processing your request.

- There may be a fee for usage of the material, which is payable immediately.

When making a request please ensure to include the following information about the publication you wish to quote from:

- The title and author/editor/translator of the book you wish to quote from 
- The imprint (eg. Penguin, Viking, Lantern) 
- The ISBN
- The publication date 
- The number of words and page numbers on which the words appear 
- If it is a poem, the name of the poem and number of lines 
- If permission is sought for an image, please provide a description/ clear photocopy of the image

Please also include your contact details and the following information about your publication:

- Title 
- Author/ translator/ editor 
- Publisher 
- Publication date 
- Territory for distribution (eg. Australia and New Zealand, British Commonwealth, World, etc.) 
- Print run 
- Retail price
- Extent (number of pages or poems) 
- Format (eg. hardback, paperback, CD-Rom, audio, ebook, etc.)
- Description of your publication
- Context in which the material will appear

- URL where material would appear 
- Approximate number of visitors per month 
- If access to material is restricted or password protected, then please indicate how many users would have access

Photocopying/ Scanning 
- Exact number of pages you wish to photocopy 
- Number of copies required 
- Name of school or company 
- Course name and start date 
- Proposed retail price

Dramatisation/ Performance 
- Venue capacity 
- Number and date of performances 
- Ticket prices 
- Whether it is an amateur or professional production

Prop in Film/TV 
- Title of production 
- Production company 
- Format of production (ie. film or TV) 
- Date of initial broadcast 
- Territory for distribution 
- Description of usage