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Megan de Beyer

Megan de Beyer, MA (Psychology), MSc (Holistic Ecology), is an international specialist parent psychologist. She facilitates the popular course Strong Mothers – Strong Sons that runs at most independent boys’ schools in South Africa and Australia. She is a prolific inspirational speaker at events and conferences, and on television and radio. Megan was the teen expert at and, along with Vanessa Raphaely, was the co-founder of The Village Facebook group, which has 35 000 followers and gives advice to parents of teens. Since 2003, Megan has written for every major women’s magazine in South Africa and has frequently been interviewed on radio. She has successfully developed four parenting courses that she offers at schools around South Africa, Australia and the USA. Megan is the mother of two young men.

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In How to Raise a Man,  as you learn more about the development of...
In How to Raise a Man,  as you learn more about the development of masculinity...