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100 Bushveld Trees

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April 2019
About the book: 
This highly visual new guide introduces readers to 100 of the most memorable trees in the bushveld – the northern and eastern regions of South Africa, encompassing both the lowveld and the highveld.
An introduction covers the basics of tree anatomy, supported by a pictorial glossary, and details the author’s streamlined ID method that enables even novices to make quick and sure identifications.
  • Most trees are generously featured across double-page spreads;
  • Full tree images along with diagnostic photos (bark, leaves, thorns, flowers, pods, fruit, etc.) enable readers to distinguish even those trees that are most confusing, such as the ‘acacias’ or the bushwillows;
  • Concise text highlights each tree’s key features;
  • Interesting facts, multiple uses and particular value the trees have among local populations are given.
With its abundant, detailed photographs and straightforward text, this guide will help readers unlock the complicated world of trees.
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