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African Reptiles & Frogs - Read, Colour & Keep

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January 1980
About the book: 

How does the sea snake swim? What is a 'hinged' tortoise? Who cleans a crocodile's teeth? Do toads cause warts? How do some frogs survive the dry season? 

Children will find the answers to these questions – and many other interesting facts – while enjoying hours of fun colouring in a selection of our most striking reptiles and amphibians (frogs and toads). 

There are more than 40 to colour in, each providing budding artists and inquisitive children with a snippet of knowledge as they work through the book. In the middle of the book is a gallery of all the featured creatures, but this time in colour, giving a clear guide as to which shade of crayon or paint to use when colouring in the outlined images throughout the book.

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About the Author
Sally MacLarty is a freelance illustrator specialising in the fields of education and natural history. She particularly enjoys working on children's books and has illustrated many such publications, including several in the Read, colour and keep series. She lives in Calitzdorp in the Little Karoo.

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