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All About Maths

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January 2021
About the book: 

Join popular television presenter Johnny Ball as he explores the history of maths and measuring and shows why it is still a magical way to find out how everything works today.

All about Maths helps make maths magically simple, from pi, the amazing number that unlocks the secret of circles and spheres, to perfect proportions - did you know Leonardo da Vinci figured out that a person's ear is one-third the length of their face? Along the way, you'll meet some of the most brilliant mathematical thinkers from history who have used numbers to make sense of the world. Discover how Pythagorus came upon his famous theorem, and how Galileo the Great became the father of clocks.

The fun design presents weird and wonderful facts that most maths books leave out, such as the origin of the number "googol" and what Mickey Mouse has in common with a computer mouse. With puzzles to solve, conundrums to crack, and incredible tricks to show friends, Johnny Ball will show you just how magical the world of maths can be.

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