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Beyond Culture

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January 1980
About the book: 
From a renowned American anthropologist comes a proud celebration of human capacities. For too long, people have taken their own ways of life for granted, ignoring the vast, international cultural community that srrounds them. Humankind must now embark on the difficult journey beyond culture, to the discovery of a lost self a sense of perspective. By holding up a mirror, Hall permits us to see the awesome grip of unconscious culture. With concrete examples ranging from James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake to the mating habits of the bowerbird of New Guinea, Hall shows us ourselves. Beyond Culture is a book about self-discovery; it is a voyage we all must embark on if mankind is to survive.
"Fascinating and emotionally challenging... The book’s graceful, non-technical style and the many illuminating, real-life illustrations make it a delight to read."  - Library Journal
"Hall’s book helps us to rethink our values... We come away from it exhilarated."  - Ashley Montagu
“In this penetrating analysis of the culturally determined yet ‘unconscious’ attitudes that mold our thought, feeling, communication and behavior... Hall makes explicit taken-for-granted linguistic patterns, body rhythms, personality dynamics, educational goals... Many of Hall’s ideas are original and incisive... [and] should reward careful readers with new ways of thinking about themselves and others.”  - Publishers Weekly
"A fascintaing book which stands beside  The Hidden Dimension  and  The Silent Language  to prove Hall one of the most original anthropologists of our era."  - Paul Bohannan
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