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The Boy Who Hated Insects

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March 2022
About the book: 
Joshua Finkelstein Bade does not want to go on his school camp to the nature reserve.
Allergic to mosquitoes, he squirms when he sees creepy crawlies and hates to touch slimy scum-bags, called slugs. YUCK!
The hate he has for critters does not run in his family. One of his grandmothers is an entomologist and his grandfather, a game ranger in a South African game park, studies dung-beetles.
And believe it or not, Josh is the only one in his class to not like insects. He cannot understand why his classmates love bugs so much ... He pulls out every trick in the book to avoid going on the school trip, including faking that he has the measles.
When all attempts to avoid the camp fail, Joshua has no choice but to tag along. Luckily, Josh discovers that the camp is not THAT horrible. He even learns to tolerate some of the many-legged critters ...
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About the Author
Dianne Stewart has published a number of Penguin Random House books. They include Wisdom from Africa,  a collection of African proverbs;  Durban in a Word,  which she compiled and edited; and a number of children’s books. These include  The Zebra’s Stripes and other African Animal Tales,  Folktales from Africa  and  The Guinea-Fowl’s Spots and other African Bird Tales.  She has a B.A. Hons in African Languages, a M.A. in South African Literature and a M.A. in Creative Writing.  

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