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Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making

Trade Paperback
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May 2022
About the book: 
A Silicon Valley icon - and inventor of the iPod and iPhone - dispenses valuable tips and life lessons for entrepreneurs at any stage in their careers.
Tony Fadell has spent the last three decades making things and founding companies that have profoundly changed millions of lives.
After leading the team that created the iPod and iPhone, products that saved a struggling Apple, Tony founded Nest Labs and revolutionised household electronics. He has worked with everyone from Steve Jobs to Larry Page, advised companies from Impossible Foods to Diamond Foundry, built products that have literally shaped the modern world, and learned a lot of things about business, innovation and solving all manner of problems.
In  BUILD,  Tony shares stories and valuable lessons from his career, offering advice and solutions for your toughest moments. For anyone striving to grow in their career, start-up founders and start-up dreamers, leaders of businesses big and small, this book will show you how to navigate challenges and take that next big leap.
About the Author

Anthony Michael Fadell is an American engineer, innovator, designer, entrepreneur, founder, coach, active investor, and author. He is the inventor of the iPod, inventor of the iPhone, and founder and former CEO of Nest Labs.

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