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Captain Daddy Pig First Words with Peppa Level 3

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June 2021
About the book: 

First Words with Peppa  is based on the Dolch Sight Words list - the 220 most common words found in children's English-language reading material. Each Storybook introduces around ten Sight Words. These words are repeated regularly throughout the story. It is through this repetition that children become familiar with the words and begin to recognise them. Any words in the story that aren't Sight Words, character names or important nouns, are phonically decodable so that children can use their phonics knowledge to read them.

Captain Daddy Pig, a Level 3 Storybook, introduces the following Sight Words: again, by, going, know, let, over, stop and think.

Daddy Pig takes Grandpa Pig's boat out on the river. What will he do when the boat gets stuck?

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