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Chameleons Of Southern Africa

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February 2007
About the book: 

Chameleons are fascinating creatures: they almost always evoke in people a strong response, be it delight, wonder or fear. 

Chameleons of Southern Africa  explores this interesting group of lizards and discusses their strange and unusual, sometimes unnerving, characteristics. It presents an overview of all types of chameleons (of which there are up to 160 species in total, worldwide), their history, geographic distribution (restricted mainly to Madagascar and Africa), reproduction, behaviour and their relationships to each other.

It also contains a clear identification guide to all southern African species - some 25 have been identified to date - together with distribution maps and colourful photographs of their many features and guises. For interested students, gardeners, naturalists and even just the curious, Chameleons of Southern Africa is an essential guide to these intriguing lizards.

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