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The Cheetah Who Ran Too Fast and Other Children's Stories from Africa

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April 2017
About the book: 
The Cheetah Who Ran Too Fast  is a lively and beautifully illustrated collection of stories straight out of the African bush. These tales for children, written in verse, should be read out loud so that parents and children alike can enjoy their suspense, thrills and laughs.
As the world gets busier, parents need to create opportunities to build strong relationships with their children and share family values in a creative way. Trudi Franke uses nature to address parenting challenges, playground problems and childhood growing pains.
From the Pompous Elephant to the Toothless Lion, the memorable characters in these eight stories will delight and entertain children, while teaching them important and valuable lessons.
  • The Cheetah Who Ran Too Fast (about taking things one step at a time)
  • Two Wild Dogs (about listening to wise words)
  • The Toothless Lion (about standing together and caring for each other)
  • Rhino’s Field (about caring and sharing)
  • The Pompous Elephant (about how no one person is better than another)
  • Jackal’s Nasty Words (about saying sorry and forgiving)
  • Giraffe Who Stuck His Neck Too Far Out (about learning that rules are there to keep us safe)
  • Hyena’s Laugh (about accepting differences)
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