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Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Friends, Family and Colleagues

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March 2021
About the book: 
Biting your tongue?
Bottling it all up?
From marriage to management challenges, learn how to change your relationships from exasperating to exceptional with this expert guide.
The ability to create strong relationships with others is crucial to living a full life and becoming more effective at work. Yet many of us find ourselves struggling to build solid personal and professional connections, or unable to handle challenges that inevitably arise when we grow closer to others. When we find ourselves in an exceptional relationship -- the kind of relationship where we feel fully understood and supported for who we are -- it can seem like magic. But the truth is that the process of building and sustaining these relationships can be described, learned, and applied.
David Bradford and Carole Robin taught interpersonal skills to MBA candidates for a combined seventy-five years in their legendary Stanford Graduate School of Business course Interpersonal Dynamics. Now, they share their insights with you, including:
  • Why relationship-building is not the process of being with 'the right person' but rather creating the kind of relationship you want
  • Why deepening a relationship takes risk
  • The importance of vulnerability, curiosity and empathy in building relationships
  • How the modern world can help - and hinder - our ability to connect
Filled with time-tested strategies for giving feedback, negotiating boundaries, and working through disagreements, Connect will be an important resource for anyone hoping to improve existing relationships and build new ones at any stage of life.
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