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Dingo Firestorm

Trade Paperback
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June 2012
About the book: 

This book tells the story of the biggest conflict of the Rhodesian Bush War, fought in neighbouring Mozambique. Codenamed Operation Dingo, the battle was a huge gamble.

It took place when Rhodesia was running out of money, ammunition and friends. Prime Minister Ian Smith authorised a risky two-pronged attack on ZANLA bases in Mozambique to buy time and weaken Robert Mugabe’s negotiating position. He committed virtually the entire Rhodesian Air Force to support 184 paratroops and helicopter troops in a surprise attack on an enemy force of thousands. The attack was planned to coincide with a meeting of Mugabe and his War Council at their Chimoio HQ.

Pringle describes the political and military backdrop leading up to the raid, and he tells the story of the battle through the eyes of key personalities who planned, led and participated in it. Using his own experience as a jet and helicopter pilot, he recreates the battle in detail, explaining the performance of men and machines in the unfolding drama of events. Dingo Firestorm is a fresh, gripping recreation of a key battle in southern African military history.

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About the Author
Ian Pringle was born in Port Shepstone and grew up on a gold mine on the East Rand. After national service in the South African Air Force, he migrated to Rhodesia to work as an industrial chemist and flew aircraft as a hobby. He was drafted into the Police Reserve Air Wing as a pilot, and was involved in numerous enemy contacts. 
Pringle read his MBA in the UK and rose to divisional CEO level with Burmah Castrol, spending much of his career in Asia and Europe. He learned to fly helicopters and later ex-military jets in England. He retired to Cape Town in 2004, bringing two Cold War jets with him, and he teamed up with Thunder City, where he still flies the Hawker Hunter, Buccaneer and aerobatic aircraft.

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