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Dinosaurs of Africa

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March 2021
About the book: 
African dinosaurs are no less significant than their ‘celebrity’ cousins, such as T. rex, and they are just as magnificent and fascinating. Their fossils have been discovered across the continent – from the Sahara Desert to the Karoo.
Dinosaurs of Africa  starts with a brief general introduction, which is followed by short chapters on different dinosaur species, including fish-eating, sociable and predatory dinosaurs, as well as those that were cannibals. It also introduces the biggest meat-eating dinosaur of all time. Details are given about where these creatures were found, the meaning of their scientific names, and their size and diet.
Spectacular, colourful illustrations bring the dinosaurs vividly to life; photographs, maps and line drawings further illustrate the subject, while ‘Facts’, ‘Unsolved’ and ‘Up close’ boxes add to the intrigue.
This new edition of the much-loved Famous Dinosaurs of Africa  published in 2014 revitalises our idea of what these incredible animals may have been like, with:
  • newly discovered species
  • the latest scientific information
  • updated terminology
  • vibrant new illustrations.
Dinosaurs of Africa  is written for children, but has appeal for anyone interested in dinosaurs.
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