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e - Field Guide to Mammals of the Kruger National Park

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June 2013
About the book: 
The Kruger National Park in Southern Africa boasts a huge variety of mammals, ranging from bats and rodents to bushbabies and elephants. This book provides detailed information on the distribution and habitat, diet, reproduction, physical characteristics and behaviour of each species, as well as predation rates and percentage kills - unique and specific to this world-famous wilderness. Each species entry contains concise details in a summary box, providing the reader with accessible and pertinent information at a glance.
Where relevant, spoor drawings are included alongside the text. Full-colour photographs of the animals facilitate quick and easy identification; and distribution maps covering both the KNP and the African continent accompany each account.
This book is part of a series of field guides to the Kruger National Park, the other titles being Trees, Insects and Birds of the Kruger National Park. Together they form a comprehensive picture of wildlife in the Park.

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