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Everything I Know About Leadership: I Learnt from the Kids

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September 2012
About the book: 

‘Can I drive the car?’ is a familiar refrain for most parents. But in dealing with this issue of control, trust and training, is there a lesson to be learnt, a lesson that can be applied by leaders in the business environment?

Leadership trainer Keith Coats thinks so, and has written a witty and instructive book that draws on everyday events in the life of his family, pointing out how these experiences translate into important lessons in leadership.

Whether they are issues of control or communication, inspiration or loyalty, or simply getting through the tough times, Coats explores the universal lessons we learn as parents and shows how to apply them in the boardroom, the office or the factory.

Keith Coats was born and grew up in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Prior to being a founding partner in the consultancy (where his title is Director of Storytelling), Keith worked in the non-profit, volunteer-based sector. Highly regarded for his leadership style, facilitation ability and human development skills, Keith has lectured in Leadership and Management at the Natal Technikon. He is a sought after international speaker on leadership and human development issues having consulted and trained in places as diverse as Hawaii, Moscow and Swakopmund.

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