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Going for Gold: The South African's Guide to Investing in Precious Metals

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March 2021
About the book: 
‘Water is best, but gold, like fire in the night, is the most brilliant beacon of prideful wealth.’  – Pindar, ancient Greek philosopher
Do you want to build your wealth and secure your financial future? Do you want to ensure that inflation does not eat away at everything that you have worked so hard for? Do you want to own wealth outside of the paper financial system? If your answer to these three questions is yes, then you need to own real money. Not rands, dollars or euros: these are merely fiat currencies. You want to own gold and silver, as without them, your wealth is only worth the value of the ink and the paper on which it is printed.
For thousands of years, holders of gold and silver have discovered that both metals are monetary antidotes against global financial chaos caused by debt, fiscal imprudence and ad infinitum money-printing. The proprietor of even a few ounces of gold is not only an investor but an individual with the assurance that their wealth and purchasing power remains preserved.
Going for Gold  is not an attempt to coerce investors into allocating a portion of their total investment portfolio to precious metals. Rather, it speaks directly to the South African investor and declutters and contextualises the vast amounts of information available about precious metals, providing counsel that the mainstream financial industry has disregarded at best, and suppressed at worst.
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