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How to Be a Lion

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August 2018
About the book: 
You don't have to ROAR to be heard...
Meet Leonard - a lion like no other. 
Leonard's best friend is Marianne, a duck. But lions chomp ducks, don't they? 
What will the pair do when their way of life is threatened?
From the New York Times-bestselling author of Max the Brave comes a powerful story celebrating daydreamers, individuality and the quiet courage to be yourself.
"Positive  role models showing boys how to be a whole person are few and far  between these days. This marvelous book triumphs in that essential job."  Kirkus
"Children will feel empowered after reading  such a deliberate story of unyielding strength and self-awareness.  Thoughtful and provocative words to live by." School Library Journal
"gently reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh" BookTrust
"Framed  by a glowing palette of burnt yellows and oranges, and infused with  humour and warmth, this thought provoking fable celebrates courage,  individuality and the power of words." The Bookseller
"A philosophical tale so, so full of heart, celebrating the quietest and gentlest among us." Library Mice
"A  gentle read with an overwhelming power. How to be a Lion by Ed Vere  italicises the need to speak up for yourself and those less strong than  yourself. With his signature bold artwork this is another crowd pleaser  from the author and illustrator " Picture Books Blogger
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