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How to Measure Everything

Board Book
Recommended Price 
July 2018
About the book: 
Children learn how to measure everything including length, weight, volume, temperature, and time through pop-ups and flaps in this fun and educational activity book. There's even a life-size ruler on the jacket! 
Measuring is a key maths topic for early learners, and this book supports KS1 concepts. This bold and bright book helps kids understand the language and maths of measuring. Fun and simple lift-the-flap puzzles help kids to relate measuring to everyday life - from measuring lengths of pencils with a ruler to weighing fruit on scales. Other activities include a wheel with a clock face to help kids learn to tell the time. How to Measure Everything concludes with a colourful bedroom picture with a quiz that gets you to measure and compare lots of things in the scene. 
How to Measure Everything engages with a key maths topic in a new, interactive, and playful way.
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