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How To Save Our Planet: The Facts

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June 2021
About the book: 
How can we save our planet and survive the 21st century? How can you argue with deniers? How can we create positive change in the midst of the climate crisis?
Professor Mark Maslin has the key facts that we need to protect our future.
Global awareness of climate change is growing rapidly. Science has proven that our planet and species are facing a massive environmental crisis. How to Save Our Planet is a call to action, guaranteed to equip everyone with the knowledge needed to make change.
Be under no illusion the challenges of the twenty-first century are immense. We need to deal with: climate change, environmental destruction, global poverty and ensure everyone's security.
We have the technology.
We have the resources.
We have the money.
We have the scientists, the entrepreneurs and the innovators.
We lack the politics and policies to make your vision of a better world happen.
So we need a plan to save our planet...
How to Save Our Planet is your handbook of how we together can save our precious planet. From the history of our planet and species, to the potential of individuals and our power to create a better future, Maslin inspires optimism in these bleak times.
We stand at the precipice. The future of our planet is in our hands.
It's time to face the facts and save our planet from, and for, ourselves.
'A handbook of clearly established, authoritative facts and figures about the terrible toll we as humans have taken of our planet, plus ways in which we can lessen the impact. For laypeople like me, who can see what is happening but haven't always got the precise statistics to hand, it's hugely valuable' - John Simpson CBE, BBC World Affairs Editor, Broadcaster, Author & Columnist
'Saving the world is no small thing, but picking up this book's a good start' - Paris Lees, Contributing Editor at British Vogue, campaigner
'I love it. My kids love it' - Chris Evans, Virgin Radio Breakfast Show
'A no-nonsense crib sheet on the state of the world and how to help it' - The I Newspaper

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