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I See a Leopard

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May 2021
About the book: 
I See a Leopard  tells the tale of a leopard who goes swimming in order to visit his friend Catfish. When Catfish serves up her favourite dish of wiggly worms, Leopard is distressed to discover that they keep slipping away and are not at all easy to eat. Wanting to make things easier for their friends, Hippo and Frog come up with a better way to serve the worms. Soon Leopard and Catfish are enjoying a meal together, proving that, with a little ingenuity and a lot of goodwill, even the strangest group of friends can solve a slippery problem.
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About the Author
Elaine Macdonald has been a successful children’s television writer and presenter for over 20 years; during this time she has written over 1000 educational scripts. She was one of the main authors of the Readers are Leaders series of books, which have been translated into all official languages and are widely prescribed in schools throughout the country. In 2016, her anthology of stories for the Grade-R syllabus was published.

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