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I See a Rhinoceros

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May 2020
About the book: 

I See a Rhinoceros  tells the tale of a gentle rhinoceros who turns the brightest shade of pink. When the other animals confront him about his unusual colour, he denies that anything is wrong. Being curious, the animals investigate, and soon realise that Rhino is eating large quantities of fruit, especially red berries. They persuade him to change his diet to include greenery. Soon Rhino is back to his natural grey colouring. But when his desire for juicy red berries gets the better of him, his tail turns pink, and Rhino knows it is time to stop.

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About the Author
Elaine Macdonald has been a successful children’s television writer and presenter for over 20 years; during this time she has written over 1000 educational scripts. She was one of the main authors of the Readers are Leaders series of books, which have been translated into all official languages and are widely prescribed in schools throughout the country. In 2016, her anthology of stories for the Grade-R syllabus was published.

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