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Invest Your Way to Wealth

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June 2019
About the book: 
‘Investment knowledge is the foundation of financial success and, ultimately, financial freedom.’  – Thobelani Maphumulo
How do you grow your capital while still preserving it? And how do you use investment vehicles to contribute positively to your financial freedom and a comfortable retirement? The answer is simple: financial education is the precursor to good investment decision-making. Invest Your Way to Wealth  is the guide to financial literacy. From asset classes to forex markets, the time value of money, risky and risk-free assets, cap rates, property, debt, SMMEs and angel investors, Thobelani Maphumulo explains the financial terms and concepts ordinary South Africans need to know in order to become financially savvy quickly and, ultimately, to retire financially secure.
Easy to understand, practical and informative, Invest Your Way to Wealth is essential reading for fledgling investors who need a trustworthy and accessible guide to a range of investment options that will help preserve and grow their capital before they engage expensive experts. By using the knowledge and tools provided in this book, you, too, can watch your money grow.
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About the Author
Thobelani Maphumulo has spent 20 years in the asset-management and financial-services sector. He has worked as an economist, asset-allocation strategist, investment analyst and a fund manager for various investment firms. He currently runs a corporate- and project-finance advisory business, TMGI Capital, focusing on capital raising, information memorandums, valuations and financial due diligence. He is also the co-founder and managing director of TMGI Property Investments, a real estate private-equity company.

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