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Jungle Beat

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August 2020
About the book: 
Jungle Beat  is a fun, family-friendly animated series that has delighted kids in over 200 countries across the world and become a YouTube phenomenon (with over 3 million subscribers!). In 2020, the Jungle Beat  animals appeared in their first feature film, Jungle Beat: The Movie, that has taken them out of the jungle and into homes throughout the world! Sunrise Productions, the creative force behind the film and hit-series, is proud to present the story of the film to be enjoyed in a whole new way as an illustrated storybook.
The tale begins with a monkey in the jungle who one day discovers that he and his companions – an elephant, an ostrich, a giraffe, a rhino and a hedgehog – can speak. The reason for this newfound skill soon becomes apparent when they encounter a lost alien, Fneep, from another planet.  As the animals and Fneep become firm friends along their journey to grassland regions, another ominous alien, Grogon, who is Fneep’s father from the faraway planet appears. Grogon is determined to take over  the animals’ planet. What will the animals do? And how does Fneep feel about it all?
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