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Lessons In Husbandry

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April 2012
About the book: 
When Amal vanishes without a trace, Malak not only inherits her sister’s wedding but also her fiancé and her house. It is an inconvenient convenience, which Malak and Taj endure as if they are keeping the slot open for the day Amal walks back through the front door. Amal, however, keeps them waiting.
But everything changes when Malak steps into a lift one day. She discovers that she isn’t made only of grief for her brilliant sister, and a risky double life with another man ensues. A life that leads inexorably to a new question – one just as burning as the question of what has happened to Amal: can a Muslim woman not have two husbands?
Fired by Shaida Kazie Ali’s bold imagination and sparking with her wry sense of humour, Lessons in Husbandry is a sad and funny celebration of what binds us and what sets us free.
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About the Author
Winner of the University of Johannesburg debut prize and shortlisted for the Sunday Times Fiction Award, Shaida Kazie Ali is the author of the highly praised Not a Fairytale (2010). She lives in Cape Town.

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