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Living the Ultimate Keto Lifestyle: A South African Guide & Cookbook

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February 2022
About the book: 

Building a healthy lifestyle can be daunting, especially with the level of confusion that exists about health and wellness. As low-carb high-fat diets have increased in popularity, a wealth of information has proliferated on the internet and in print media. The problem is knowing what works, and differentiating between sound advice and opportunistic entrepreneurs whose primary aim is to monetize ‘solutions’.

In 2017, Hendrik Marais founded Keto Lifestyle South Africa with the aim of providing the information needed to build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle based on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. He believes that while nutrition is important, a healthy lifestyle must find the right balance between sleep, stress management, exercise and nutrition. By making keto accessible and approachable, Marais has inspired thousands of people to adopt simple, healthy eating habits and stick to them.

Living the Ultimate Keto Lifestyle incorporates a comprehensive introduction that sets out his principles and practices for following a keto diet, and explains how to achieve your weight-loss goals. This is followed by a selection of delicious, healthy recipes, as well as sample meal plans and ideas for effortless entertaining.

Download these two recipes from Living the Ultimate Keto Lifestyle :

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About the Author
Hendrik Marais, entrepreneur, sports enthusiast and practising criminal defence attorney, has encouraged countless people to lose weight and start a healthier life through the Keto Lifestyle, which he founded in 2017, in response to his own journey through weight-loss. Since then, it has become one of his most important life projects, enabling him to share his knowledge and experience to motivate and encourage others to lose weight and resolve their body image issues and negative relationships with food. His love for research, cross-discipline reading and an obsessive search for the optimal solution to his health problems led him to implement the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and a handful of simple yet effective habits and techniques for fat loss into his own life.

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