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The Magic Key to Charm

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November 2007
About the book: 
You may not be beautiful, clever and rich, buy you can still change your life by using the long-lost art of charm. This book holds the secrets to serenity and elegance. Miss Ascroft will teach you: how to banish graceless habits; how to dress to compliment your personality type; how to run for the bus like a young gazelle; how to make friends and be the perfect hostess; how to appear well-educated and well-read; and how to decorate your home to suit your complexion. Her fourteen charm lessons build up a whole way of life for you so that you may become more attractive, more desirable, and at the same time a more complete and contented person. Her advice is proffered in a delightful fashion, accompanied by exquisite photographs, and no woman who reads this book can fail to gain something from its pages.
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